'Pursuit of effective memorable brand names-trademarks and service marks'



  Our team of qualified professionals share brand name-trademark and service mark solution techniques to help clients to maximize their growth and increase market-share. We make a client's business more competitive with the NEW brand name-trademark / NEW service mark.  Our skilled brand name-trademark and service mark professionals create a list of NEW unique brand name-trademarks / service marks  in a well-documented-manual for your business. 






Q. Could you tell me briefly about your SERVICE?

A. It is our online 'brand name-trademark and service mark service' for the past several years helping clients who need either a brand name-trademark OR a service mark . We do market research, brand name-trademark / service mark search, name testing, screening against existing brand name-trademark/ service mark and finally document the project for the client. You will save TIME and MONEY, and we always provide a short list of NEW future-oriented unique brand names-trademarks and service marks that HAVE NEVER EXISTED in the marketplace.

Q. What is the next step if a prospective client decide to get a new brand name-trademark or a new service mark for a business?

A. Once we receive your 'completed feedback form' or letter of request for new brand name-trademark or service mark from a prospective client, we reply with an appropriate recommendations.

Q. How much does it cost to get a new brand name?

A. We quote one-time-flat-fee. Our price range from $100 to $200.

Q. How long would it take to get the document with a list of NEW brand name-trademarks or service marks?

A. Our turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks from the date of client's approval.

Q. How do a client pay the fees?

A. We accept company checks, bank-cashier's checks and money orders.

Q. How do you deliver your documented NEW-brand name-trademark or service mark manual ?

A. Once payment has been made to us, client will receive a package of 'documented brand name-trademark or service mark manual' with a list of NEW BRAND NAME-trademarks or service marks under special cover either via FedEx or USPS.



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The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK

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